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Hello friends,

I hope you had a chance to listen to the special announcement about me from last Sunday September 12th's sermon.  In case you didn't, here is the short version: my husband and I are moving to Victoria on November 10, 2021!  It is both very exciting and a little bit scary.  But I know that God is with us, and He is with all of you too, and has good plans for us all because He is good (if you want to hear more details, listen to the audio recording below the sermon, since the sound didn't work when Jason & I came up onto the platform).

Because I have been busy doing many things to prepare for my leaving, I have not recorded a new lesson, but instead chose one of my favourites to repost this week. It is mostly from the Book of Genesis, chapter 11 & 12, & 15. We will learn that GOD IS WORTHY OF OUR WORSHIP.

Below is the parent At Home Weekly pre- or post- lesson teaching to support the lesson; and an Activity Sheet to get you thinking more about different ways to worship God.

Have a God blessed week!