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Hello Olivet Kids and Families and Others,

Each September at Olivet Kids we start back at the beginning of the Bible.  In this Sunday's lesson we will learn about GOD'S PROMISE TO SEND THE REDEEMER - God's solution to The Fall of Mankind in the Garden of Eden.  You can follow along in your Bibles in Genesis Chapters 2 & 3.

Below is the Parent At Home Weekly pre- or post-lesson teaching to equip you to interact with your child; and a Colouring Page.

Rather than record an entirely new lesson, you will note that I have "recycled" one from last fall.  I chose to instead do some major fall cleaning and purging in the Resource Room, Preschool Room, Nursery, and my office.

If you are unable to attend the "adult" service live this Sunday, please be sure to watch it online.  In particular, there will be an important announcement near the end that you will not want to miss. 

God bless you all,