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 Hello Kids and families and other followers of Jesus!

In this Sunday's lesson we will be learning that JESUS SHOWS US HOW TO LOVE through the Parable of the Good Samaritan, from Luke 10:25-37.   

In the recording, we have a SPECIAL GUEST to help tell the story.  

I want to encourage you parents to make a point of watching the lessons with your child, as this is a great opportunity to learn together and have some very fruitful faith conversations.   

As the church, we can support you in your God given responsibility to raise your children to love the Lord, but you, the parent, are the number one influence on your children's spiritual development. 

You do NOT have to have tremendous faith or know all the answers your child might ask; but you DO have to set the example of seeking the Lord and growing in your relationship with Him if you want your child to do the same.  Watching the lesson with your child and talking about it after is just one of the ways you can engage together and do this.

If you want further ideas on raising your child to love the Lord, I suggest you check out our website  and scroll down the page for RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES / PARENTS / CAREGIVERS.

God bless you all this week!