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Hello Olivet Kids and families and others,

In this weeks lesson we will learn about the importance of knowing and memorizing GOD'S WORD.  This includes knowing the many stories in the Bible, plus the names of all the Books of the Bible, and some of your favourite Scriptures.  Memorizing Scripture is a good idea, and singing Scripture is a great way to memorize it!  I hope to inspire you to get to know your Bible!

Below are a several Colouring Pages you can chose from and print off to help you get to know your Bible better.

1. Bible Bookcase full colour page to print off and refer to

2. Bible Bookcase fill-in-the-names activity page

3. Why Memorize Bible Verses?

4. Psalm 100 Colouring Pages

5. Romans 15:13 Colouring Page

Since you have so many lovely choices above, there is NO Parent At Home Weekly this week. Instead, print off all the sheets and have a fun colouring session together!

May the Holy Spirit stir up a hunger in you to know God's Word more and more!

God bless you,