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Hello Olivet Kids and Families and other followers of Jesus!

In this Sunday's lesson we learn that THE FATHER IS LOVE through the story of The Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-24.  I really hope you have a chance to sit down with your child and watch the lessons.  I have a lot of fun making them for you, and I believe you will be blessed to experience the lessons together as they provide a common ground for learning and further faith building conversations.  The recordings are usually 18-21 minutes long.  I have had feedback from adults who don't have children who watch the lessons each week and say they learn something new, so please don't think the lessons are 'just for kids'.
If you would like further ideas to reinforce the lesson, scroll down below for the optional Parent Pre-teach At Home Weekly to help you prepare for, or follow up after, the lesson.  
Also below is an Activity Sheet to print off for your child (or you ;)) to complete.
Have a God blessed long weekend!