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Hello Olivet Kids and Families, and others who enjoy these stories,

Below is this Sunday's lesson where we learn that THE SABBATH IS A GIFT FROM GOD through several passages from Genesis, Exodus, and Matthew. 

I filmed this week's recording chilling in my backyard, and I was in slow chill Sabbath mode, so please bear with me!

Also below are three resources:

a. This weeks At Home Weekly Parent Pre- or Post- teach to give you additional support with the lesson 

b. An Activity Sheet for your child (or you) to complete [and if you send a photo or text of the completed sheet to me -, I will mail your child a little prize!]

c. An additional page on ideas for "Keeping the Sabbath".

God bless you this week, and help you understand and obey His command to "Remember the Sabbath and keep it Holy".