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Hello Everyone!


Hope you are all doing well and enjoying Spring Break! We've got lots of really great Youth content for you this week! 

First up, check out the video from Jocelyn and I below! And then check out our brand new Bible study! We will be looking at the book of Luke, and discussing it on the Olivet Youth Instagram page and at our Online Youth Night next Friday! The Intro to the Bible Study is below but if you'd like more information, including a personal planner and a copy of the text, make sure to join our emailing list!

And if you'd like a copy of the text we'll be ready check that out below!

Finally, speaking of Online Youth make sure to join us next Friday at 7PM for Online Youth on Zoom! We'll be playing some games together and discussing our Bible study challenge! Plus, we'll be announcing a brand new project so don't miss it!

If you've got any questions about upcoming events at Youth, contact Clare at and if you've got any questions about our upcoming Bible Study, contact Jocelyn at .

Have a great weekend!