Hello friends!

As you already know, our programs here at Olivet are closed until further notice due to Covid.

When we are allowed to meet again, here is what we like to do:



Grade School kids (Kindergarten to Grade 5)

We gather all together (K-GR5) as a large group of kids and have fun learning about Jesus and THE BIG GOD STORY through fun activities and games, singing worship songs, and interactive storytelling.  Then we ususally break off into 2 smaller groups (K-GR2 and GR3-5) and do more fun activities.

At special times and events throughout the year the kids join the rest of the congregation in the sanctuary for a portion or the whole service (such as Palm Sunday, Baptisms, Choir, Grade 5 Bible presentation/Grad Sunday, intentional Intergenerational Services).

Preschool and Nursery (birth to age 5)

In the preschool & nursery room there is plenty of free time for supervised play, and then a short time for story, singing, craft, snack, and then some more play!  In the nursery the Worship Service is televised live so that parents with a child that needs them can stay and still catch what is going on in the sanctuary.



  • July & August kid bi-weekly Drop-ins (CANCELLED for 2020)
  • August 10-14 1-week Vacation Bible Camp (likely CANCELLED for 2020)
  • September Street Party (Labour Day Sunday 11am-1pm, pending social distancing guidelines)
  • Fall Carnival (October 31 5:30-7:30pm)
  • Advent Fair (Nov 29, starting with lunch immediately after the service, and then crafts).


If you have any questions or want to speak to our Children's Ministry Coordinator Jane Armstrong,

contact her at [email protected]


Check out below the '10 ENVIRONMENTS' and '7 FAMILY MINISTRY ESSENTIALS' that are foundational to our programs