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Dear Olivet Family,

About a month ago I was listening to a church service and heard a comment from Sadie Robertson Huff that struck me. She said:

“If you live your life for yourself you are going to have a hard life. But if you live your life for God, although moments will be hard, you are going to have a fulfilling life.”

What a powerful statement. In response to this what is one thing you can do today to express that this is how you desire to live your life?

Church Updates:

Want to watch the on-line church service with others and then have a brief time to chat following the service? Beginning Sunday, May 23rd we will be offering an opportunity where you can log into Zoom at 10:20, have a brief time to say hi and then Jocelyn, who will be hosting this, will share her screen and together you can watch the on-line worship service. When the service ends there will be a 20 minute space where you can chat and visit with one another.

The service will be posted as usual on our website so you don’t have to use Zoom and can watch the service at any time from 10:30 on. This is just another way to connect and worship together. Next week I will send out the zoom link.

Prayer – don’t forget to share your prayer requests on the form on our website, join in for prayer Tuesday evenings, pray through the prayer letter, and stop and pray at 1:42 each day. Why? – because prayer changes everything.

In His Grip,
Pastor Laura