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Ways you can help our summer programs:

As part of setting up for and running our Bi-Weekly Drop-ins on Monday's & Wednesday's from 9:30-noon (starting July 5 through August 25 (except for August 16 & 18)), and the Week-long TREASURED Bible Camp on August 16-20 from 9:00-noon, we could use your help, as we need the following items:

STUFF!  We need stuff.

  • large pieces of cardboard (ie. big flat boxes or sheets from IKEA packaging)
  • large pieces of thin flat styrofoam (as thin as 1/2" or 2" - also good from IKEA packaging)
  • cardboard rolls from toilet paper, paper towel or wrapping paper
  • paint - medium/dark greens, browns, greys (preferably interior house paint, or large bottles of acrylic)

SNACKS!  Kids need snacks.

  • 2" round crackers
  • graham crackers
  • pretzel sticks
  • cheerios
  • doritos chips

PEOPLE! We need people.

  • we still need a few Crew Leaders and Station Assistants for the TREASURED Bible Camp, August 16-20

PRAYERS! We need prayers.

  • pray that kids will come to our Bi-weekly Drop-Ins, and register for the week-long TREASURED Bible Camp.
  • pray that we will have enough volunteers (hey, and maybe you want to volunteer?!)
  • pray that everyone will stay safe
  • pray that God will prepare the hearts of the children to understand that they are priceless to God!

Please contact Elyssa, our Children's Summer Coordinator at [email protected] for more details and to ensure that all the items have not already been fulfilled.

Thank you and God bless you for partnering with us to make the summer programs fun and effective for our kids!