Council: Jason Boyer (moderator), Dave Perttula (treasurer), Gillian Day, Mary Dyk, David Carlson, Camille Tallard

Church Clerk: Wendy Amy

Envelope Secretary: Lois David

Doris Penner Missions Group: Miranda Vecchio

Head Teller: Amanda Hanley

Library: Pauline Carlson

MOMS Group: Shirley Fox, Vivian Scoates

Olivet Kids Leadership Team: Jane Armstrong, Junghwa Kim, Laura Nelson

Prayer Letter: Don Anderson

Privacy Officer: 

Stephen Ministry Leaders: Laura Nelson, Sigrid Montgomery, Barbara Rettie

50 Plus Fellowship Luncheons: Doris Engelmann

Ushering: Lueen Morrison

To reach one of our ministry contacts, please contact the Olivet Office at 604.522.0232 or email [email protected]